Hitting Publish on Private Posts – Do I Dare?

Sometimes hitting the publish button takes a bit of extra strength and energy, as I decide if I really want to subject my private life, thoughts, and my little world to the general public. I mean look at those options, visibility: Public. Yes, anyone can read it if they find it. Publish immediately. Yes, right now. Hitting Publish means ANYONE can read it IMMEDIATELY. And so I hesitate at times.

But publishing on a regular basis, I think has been responsible for so much of my personal growth and healing over the past year or so. I started blogging about fluff. Cute things, things that made me happy, all happy, happy positive. I attached my name and photo to that blog. I never spoke of my abuse, and my troubles. But then I started reading some blogs that were intense, and personal, and I admired their bravery, and I wanted to reach out to them, but felt I could not, not with my real name.

And so Roots To Blossom was created to share ALL of me. Not just the nice and cute and positive. I do share that too, but now I have complete freedom to share any thought at all.

My blog is mainly for me. My brain gets all jumbled up with too many thoughts, and writing has always helped to settle my emotions, bring about a sense of peace and closure to an otherwise chaotic mess. I also periodically re-read old posts to see how I used to feel and compare it to now, for therapeutic reasons, and to get to know myself better. OK, So why post publicly?

It keeps me real. I can’t explain, but it does. I feel I need to be honest, more precise, and write clearly if there is a possibility of someone else reading it. Even 1 reader makes me re-read, edit a bit, and give most posts a point. I don’t promise to get to that point eloquently, but it is usually in there some where. My personal journals with no external readers lack this focus and were not as helpful to me. Fascinating really. The internet has brought people together in such amazing ways. I can’t believe the connection I feel to other bloggers here, like my extended family now.

But sometimes I really struggle to hit publish on my private thoughts and actions. Especially the ones about sex and intimacy with my husband. Part of me thinks this should remain private. But the part of me that hits publish, wants to reach out to anyone else who may stumble across my blog, and has been sexually abused, and offer my little view of the world. And I think my blog would be lacking important information if I skipped over the fact that childhood sexual abuse creates problems in adulthood sexuality.

Sex is a part of my earliest memories. I recall my dad was touching me when I 3, and I assume it started in infancy. He made me watch porn with him. He told me dirty jokes.  I can write this now without vomiting. I have accepted it, grieved for that baby girl in me, and I’m still working on becoming whole. My dad stole a part of me that may never be fully whole again. I have accepted this too. It does not mean I will stop trying, stop growing, but it does add the idea that I’m OK right now. I’m OK even if I don’t become whole.

This idea is so important I think, and what is missing from most self-help books, and most counseling sessions. In my experience, books and counselors actually add to the notion that we are damaged humans, and that we must work hard to fix that. Maybe I added the judgment that I am not OK until I fix that, but I do think it a message supported in psychology more than any other medical field. I’d like everyone who is hurting to know that they are OK right now!

And right now, I have made it through a bit of a sexual identity crisis. Not a gender or homosexual thing, just figuring out my sexual side, like I should have done in my adolescence or as a newlywed but was not ready to do then. Hubby and I have been a bit like teenagers in the bedroom lately, except with maturity and experience to make it even better, re-connecting mind, body and soul. It has been wonderful for us both, as we both feel loved and desired. It has been wonderful for our marriage.

But it was not easy to get here. Not easy at all.

So I keep debating, do I write about the sexual side of marriage, and actually hit publish? Yes, I think I need to. I mean what’s the big deal, no one out there can see me blush.


10 thoughts on “Hitting Publish on Private Posts – Do I Dare?

  1. An excellent post. I think we help people more when we are honest in relaying important life’s learning lessons. It can make the difference for someone else who’s on a similar path. Way to go! 🙂

  2. I know what you mean! It’s scary to put your private life on a public forum. But, I do think it helps us heal as sexual abuse survivors to know we are not alone. For me, exposing all of me validates my life experiences in a concrete way. I want to believe I am okay right now and it’s cathartic to release any sense of shame.

  3. This made my day. Although I was not abused but a sexual incident did occur to my childhood. It’s actually the reason why I started my blog. I want an outlet to express my deepest secrets. My blog has been a very good listener but there are times that I also want someone to talk to, someone who knows what I’m talking about. And I found you (more specifically, your blog). It’s like a thorn had been picked and now I feel more comfortable just knowing that somewhere, someone feels what I feel.

    • Wow, I have goosebumps. I am sorry that you have suffered, but happy to have connected with you. I am happy to share what I have learned and what I have not. And I’m a great listener if you ever just need to feel understood.

  4. Sharing a very personal part of ourselves can be difficult, and I am encouraged when I see you asking the question about whether or not sexuality, and how a person’s sexuality is affected by an abusive past, is a subject that belongs on your blog. I’ve thought about making my own blog private, and (believe it or not) have even had some posts that never quite made it to the publish button. Good for you for not only asking the question, but giving yourself permission to talk about something that is so inter-connected to who we become as we grow through the stages of healing from abuse. Good for you. Yay!

    • Thanks for sharing your view of this and for your gentle support. I guess I am questioning my own boundaries with my blog, as if my blog is a relationship. I always struggle with what to share and when to share, but these things are becoming easier, more natural to me. I have grown so much, and I’m ready to grow some more. I have many posts that were not published as well, but have no relevance any more. Fleeting emotional outpourings.

  5. Your posts help me. Childhood sexual abuse interferes with me living now. I have been through 2 marriage counselors trying to get them to understand how I feel. You understood in one post. I am happy for you in your feelings of happiness with your husband. I feel more hopeful. Thank you.

    • Thank you for sharing that with me. I have also found that counselors do not understand this, because how could they? So I’d like to at least share my experiences and see if it helps, both me and others to better understand our mental and physical responses.

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