Finally some answers to this fatigue

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Testing the blood glucose level yourself Nederlands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finally dragged my tired, overwhelmed butt into the doctor for a check up for this cyclical fatigue I get. I’ve been paying more attention and it seems to come on suddenly, leaving me cold, unable to think, and I just have to lie down. Usually I fall asleep for a bit and wake up feeling mostly better.

Dr  sent me home with a glucose meter. Whatever, I’ll try it, I was thinking, but my blood sugar has always been fine, even with those nasty pregnancy tests.

So I was a bit surprised when I checked my glucose this morning after having breakfast of waffle and milk, getting tired, napping a bit, and my number was 65. Crap! It should have been over 100 after eating like that. I have never before checked my sugar during a feeling crappy episode. But crap crap crap.

So called the doctor with the info, and got the entirely not reassuring “err, ohhh, nooo, ummm” response.  Sounds like reactive hypoglycemia, she says. She tells me to eat lots of protein, and to have more protein than carbs, never carbs alone, and come in tomorrow for more tests to check insulin levels.  Yippee!

Now see, the funny part here, is how hard I have been trying to reduce sugar in my diet, I was a sugar fiend all my life. Has my recent lack of constant sugar uncovered the reason I craved the sugar? Or has my years of sugar abuse actually caused damage? I know, don’t worsenalize or jump to conclusions, and definitely do not read about pancreatic cancer on WebMD.

In one way I am hopeful we may have found a reason, other than depression, for feeling like crap so often. But I am fearful for the many tests I am sure will be ordered and the costs of them too. But I’m not obsessing, just trying to gather information to make good decisons. I did cry a little at first, I’m scared. But I know I will handle whatever this is too.

I’m not sure where my marriage stands. We now have open communication, and no yelling whatsoever. I have forgiven him and I’m ready to attempt a fresh start and see if I can fall in love with him. Husband is devastated and seems committed to becoming a better man. I have never seen him like this. He is working so hard and I feel love emanating from his every pore for me and kids now, just wish I could return it. He said he feels now that it is one-sided and he prays I can stay long enough for it to develop.

So here I am. Just tired of handling and ready to just live. Does that ever happen? Or is that the fantasy? Maybe life is just a series of obstacles. Oh well then. Bring it on. I can handle it.


14 thoughts on “Finally some answers to this fatigue

  1. Well, what do you know. I used to do that all the time. I’m much better now I eat every 2-3 hours. Live and learn. Bless you for doing the homework and sharing.

  2. You WILL handle the obstacles…you have before. It’s good that you’re getting your physical symptoms looked into on a deeper level. So much physical affects the mental.
    I am a firm believer in God working miracles in marriages. Stay open to counseling and opening your heart. It will take practice. There will be times of frustration and ‘is it all worth it’. Keep on, keepin’ on.
    Good Luck!

    • I am wondering if a miracle is happening, so much is better now, and I feel my heart opening without me having to ‘try’. Yes, I think some underlying physical ails have always played a part.

  3. As we get older, we tend to get insulin insensitivity due to hormone decrease. Eating every 2-3 hours won’t help this. Getting your hormones in balance will. (Also being overweight is another contributor to blood sugar problems.)

    Meat is the best protein source to keep your blood sugar constant throughout the day. Eat bacon, or salami when you first get up. Never get up in the morning and drink a sugary juice or eat a cinnamon bun. You will cause yourself to get reactive hypoglycemia, and this will eventually cause you to become a full blown, insulin dependent diabetic.

    It’s okay to have a waffle, but no syrup on it. Better to have sausage.

    I’m a former RN. : )

    • Thank you. Yes, I used to avoid the greasy meats, thinking that was better for me, and was going for the whole grains. I see now how carb heavy my diet really was. I’m still learning. I never thought it could be so hard to just eat!

  4. Just live. You’re smart. You know how you should and shouldn’t eat and that being active is also necessary. The part of life that takes effort is learning to communicate with those you love. Eat your eggs, drink your water, snack on fruits and veggies. Life really can be simple. I’ve had glimpses of it and keep reaching myself. 🙂

    • I’ve been working so hard to improve my diet. I cut out the crackers, cookies, candies, and constant snacking. I replaced that with spaced out healthy snacks of fruits/veggies, but it turns out those were just carbs too,even though healthy carbs. Apparently I need to add protein or fat to slow down the sugar spike. Ugh! I thought apples and carrots were helping me, but on their own it was not. So now it will be apples dipped in peanut butter, or with a slice of cheese. Turns out all my extra recent exercise also lowered by blood sugar, so my body is just very confused.

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