Stress didn’t beat me – I got this

I had to fire someone for the first time ever in my life. I actually thought it was going to be much harder, or that I was going to be harder on myself, but I feel good. It was the right decision.

I gave my trainee many chances to improve over the past 2 weeks, but at some point I just realized she wasn’t going to cut it. She was not a good match for our team. If I kept her going, I’d be wasting valuable time and money on her training and letting down the team. I had to let her go.

We were unprepared for her reaction to the news. We expected pleading for more time. We expected anger. We expected her to blame us for not providing proper training. Instead, she very quietly admitted she was in over her head, and had extreme respect for what we do, and she was relieved to be let go.

People amaze me everyday. This was the best possible reaction, but I can’t imagine myself ever giving up that easily. But then again, I would never be in that position, as I would have learned and done my homework in the first place to make sure I was successful. She was not self-driven like me and the others on my team. When tasks are given to us, they get done – very well! I rarely have to check up on people, very few drop the ball. It is a great way to work.

Firing this one meant starting the interview process and putting us backs weeks in our schedule for a new hire. It is stressful to choose the best candidates. Luckily I have a team that does this, not sure I ‘d want to do it all myself – what a huge responsibility. But once they are hired, I am the trainer. It is up to me to make them into independent cogs of our well-oiled machine. I love this part. But it is stressful and demanding.

I did not cave in and call off, I did not get a migraine or panic attack. I am completely surprised. I have a long record of collapsing when the stress gets too high. Other than having a bit too much coffee, sugary snacks and packaged food to deal with less time to cook, I didn’t even self-sabotage.

I even kept up my new exercise routine every day but one this week. I am so happy.

And to top it all off, my new friends invited me to a concert tonight. So after this most stressful work week, and stressful party planning (I have 3 RSVPs now too!) I get to go out, drink a bit too much, dance and laugh a whole lot with some other amazing women.

We will not chat about our hair or nails. We will not complain about work or husbands. We will not complain. We will simply enjoy the music, company, and atmosphere and shake it until our bodies remind us we are no longer 20, wait to sober up, and go home exhausted and smiling.

My life is good. So good.


(Image via Wikipedia) Is it 5 o'clock yet?



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