Hope Rises Up

Surfing Rainbow

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Some days I look around and all I see
are the tasks not yet completed by me
I see the dishes in the kitchen
still not washed, I’m still bitchin

I see the laundry piled high
I feel the time just marching by
My brain and body in slow motion
Put your ear to mine – you’ll hear the ocean

Thoughts are swishing all in waves
echoing as they hide in caves
I am depressed, but I’m not sad
Not sad this time, for this I’m glad

Surfing on each wavy swell
is my ticket out of this hell
Hope is steady and floats along
Always there to keep me strong

Long ago I saw hope drown
watched it slip lifelessly down
But it was a trick of my warped thoughts
A downward spiral had me caught

But no more will I sink so low
I have too much to do, and places to go
I have people that love me, that I love too
Hope and Love will always be true


2 thoughts on “Hope Rises Up

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