Depression and Dental Problems

As I get ready for yet another long day at the dentist, thousands of dollars, I wonder how I got into this mess. I found some interesting information about depression and tooth decay that I had never really connected before, but it all makes so much sense.

Basically to summarize the above article, depression itself makes a person not care or not have enough energy to brush and floss daily. That part I knew and I blamed myself for causing so much tooth decay, even though I should not, I was busy surviving each day, who cares if I brush my teeth. I also knew I ate (still do) too much sugar and carbs, the cravings get very intense. But now I see also that the antidepressants themselves can cause some trouble with dry mouth, aggravating the condition by not washing away the bacteria.

So the combination of all of those things, plus losing my job and going bankrupt with no more credit to pay a dentist, leaves me with what my new dentist calls “rampant decay”. I need fillings in practically every tooth and will likely need a few crowns. I’m only in my thirties and feel very sad that this has happened. Our finances have improved recently, both me and hubby got promotions, but I feel guilty using so much money for a problem I caused myself. We could be taking the kids to disney world, instead I have to spend the money on my teeth.

I can’t go back and fix this, so I am grateful that I can fix it now and look forward to less sensitive teeth and a smile that I’m no longer ashamed of. I try not to show my teeth when I smile right now.

I guess I don’t blame the doctors for not asking if I brush my teeth or if I saw a dentist while they were trying to get me over suicidal thoughts. I understand priorities, I really do. I wonder though, if it may have made a difference, if someone, anyone, would have mentioned this to me? Oh well. All I can do now is warn others.

Brush your teeth. Even if you don’t get dressed today. Even if you don’t get out of bed. Even if you don’t shower. Brush your teeth. Use some mouthwash. Drink lots of water. One day the depression will ease up, and just when you feel like you can smile again, you want to have nice teeth to do that with.

And don’t google teeth images. Unless you do want to feel good about your teeth. Oh my goodness, mine aren’t that bad. I’ll stop complaining now.


4 thoughts on “Depression and Dental Problems

  1. You are so beautiful in your honesty. I know how you feel. The many a nights when I’ve not given a shit about my teeth and my teeth are too sensitive nowadays. But, one good thing that has come out of my writing career is writing about coconut oil. I recommend oil pulling with coconut oil. Also coconut oil can reduce the tooth acids that lead to tooth decay. These are caused by the streptococcus mutans. Therefore, I try to eat a little coconut oil or meat daily, and I also brush my teeth with just coconut oil, although adding baking soda is another good solution. Lately, I’ve been real good with the flossing and my gums are bleeding a lot less, but I do feel that my teeth recede a lot. Thanks for sharing this amazing article. You are so brave.

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