Curiosity looks for Ambition

What's out there for you? Go find out!

Curiosity awoke, stretched with a yawn, and then spoke

What is this life that you choose to live?

Don’t you know all the gifts you can give?

What are your goals, what do you need?

There’s a hunger in you that you need to feed

Curiosity grew until this hunger took charge

Now the hunger for life is ever so large

But where is ambition, curiosity asked

Ambition is sleeping, not up to the task

Curiosity is endless, asking why, why, why

Ambition wakes up, perhaps willing to try

Ambition takes baby steps, falls down and wavers

Ambition starts running, strength and freedom it savors

The hunger gets fed, but with each morsel grows stronger

Curiosity and hunger can be denied no longer

Ambition is psyched for the lifelong marathon run

Making dreams come true is so incredibly much fun

—-(C) 2012 ——— by Roots To Blossom


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