Feeling Too Much Too Deeply

When will I ever learn to just roll with the punches? Instead of endless analysis, going over and over what I said and did to see what else I SHOULD have said or SHOULD have done.

It is exhausting. A simple team meeting and I’m full of self-doubt and empathy for the team members.

I am always seen as a confidante, and feel good when others trust me to share their concerns, but then I FEEL their concerns. How do you listen and understand with taking on the speaker’s pain?

I wish they made a sensitive shield for my brain too

I could NEVER be a therapist or counselor and listen to everyone’s troubles, and somehow wipe it clean and recover to start over each hour. How do they do that? I am going to be up half the night with this feeling from one person, and it wasn’t a life-threatening concern, just normal work stress and frustration.

I love that I am able to feel things so deeply, but sometimes I would love it more if I could shut it down for  a while.

Here’s an interesting article I found that is just the tip of why abuse survivors are more sensitive to everyday stress. They tested the levels of stress hormones and found that abuse survivors actually pump out more hormones and feel more stress.



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