Making Holidays Happy

Holidays used to be extremely difficult for me. My own kids have shown me the way to be excited and joyous this time of year.

They don’t fear comments from relatives – they can’t wait to see grandma and all the cousins.

They don’t worry they might get sick

They don’t feel judged

They go with the expectation they will have fun, and they do!

Look around your gatherings, and notice that the sourpuss sitting alone on the couch probably has a very negative view of things. I used to be the sourpuss on the couch. Thinking everyone was silly for all the merry-making.

I put myself in isolation, and it was up to me to get out

But when I brought my own kids to these parties, I would of course play with them and see that they had a good time. And all of a sudden, I had a good time too.

I no longer dread the holidays, and do my best to establish little family traditions and experiences full of love and joy.

I remember the first christmas tree I let my toddler help decorate and it was difficult to let her do it “wrong”. Each year I let go of more of this silly perfectionist notion and, now I let all the kiddos run the show, sit back and enjoy watching them work together and smile as they pull all the hand made ornaments they made from the box. I put a few of my special ornaments on too, but mostly it is their tree, and I love to watch it glow at night and see how my family has filled it with memories, and how each year we add on to it. It is very special.

Like this, but without the Liederhosen


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